Smart payments

Landsbankinn's smart payments are an easy and convenient way to make transfers. You only need the email address or mobile number of the recipient. The recipient's account can be with any Icelandic bank.

"Just pay to my email"

Now you don't need Id. Nos. or account numbers to transfer funds. You only need the recipient's email address or mobile number.

Customers of Landsbankinn can send smart payments through personal online banking. Smart payments are especially useful when you need to make smaller, incidental payments, such as refund a friend for a cup of coffee, a meal or joint birthday gifts.

The recipient's account can be with any Icelandic bank

While the recipient of the payment can be a customer of any of the Icelandic banks, only customers of Landsbankinn can send payments through online banking. To start using smart payments, go to your online bank via or

Register for smart payments

Send smart payments
from online banking

Register now to make life easier

By authorising the smart payment channel (phone or email) immediately you make it easier for others to transfer to your account.

Register for smart payments

What do I have to do?

  1. Select "Smart payments" in your online bank on or

  1. Enter the email address or mobile phone number of the intended recipient along with the amount for transfer.

  1. If the recipient has not yet authorised smart payments, he or she will receive an invitation to do so. You only have to do this once.

  1. Once you've confirmed the recipient, your smart payment will be executed.

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