Your online security is of great importance to us. Safeguarding online access to your personal data to prevent unauthorised parties from accessing your information is a priority.

New security system

Landsbankinn's new security system for personal online banking maximises user security, renders the authentication token unnecessary and makes online banking more convenient while reducing the risk of fraud and other misuse.

The most significant change is that the authentication token will no longer be required when logging in to personal online banking and making transactions online.

Instead, the token is replaced with a system that learns to recognise user behaviour and asks the user to confirm his/her identity by e.g. answering a security question or with a telephone call from the system when the user deviates from his/her normal behaviour.

In general, the user will not be aware of the system's workings.

While Landsbankinn is the first bank in the Nordic region to adopt this solution, there are over 6000 banks across the world with over 350 million users who have already adopted the system.

Next generation of online security


Questions and answers

  • Why has the online banking service changed?
  • What new security system is this?
  • When will I get access to the new security system?
  • How much does it cost?
  • When will further information be requested?
  • What kind of additional information will be requested?
  • What kind of behaviour is considered to be unusual or atypical?
  • How does the Bank detect behaviour that is unusual or atypical?
  • Will I be asked for more detailed information after this?
  • How do I know it is working?
  • Will my personal information nevertheless remain secure?
  • How will my phone numbers be used?
  • How many phone numbers do I have to provide?
  • What if I have to change phone numbers?
  • What if it is not possible to reach me at any of the phone numbers I provided?
  • I have already provided a phone number I can be reached at, why am I being asked to provide a number again?
  • How does this prevent fraud?
  • I often use the online banking service, would I notice it if something unusual were going on?
  • I already have anti-virus software and a private firewall. Why do I need this?