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    General information about the changes

    • Why is online banking being changed?
    • Does the new version of online banking work on tablets?
    • Does the new version of online banking work on smart phones?

    Where can I find ...

    • A/B giro?
    • I've navigated to a sub-page of online banking. How do I get back to the main page/my page?
    • Payment services
    • Icelandic Students' Loan Fund (LÍN)
    • Where is Meniga?
    • PIN
    • Electronic documents
    • How can I access settings?
    • Where are my messages?
    • Notifications and receipts
    • How do I sign out of online banking?
    • Where is Registers Iceland located?

    How …

    • Can I individualise the main page?
    • How can I cancel optional payments?
    • What do I do if I forget my password?
    • How do I pay payment coupons manually?
    • How do I deposit to another's credit card?
    • How do I go about printing documents/receipts?
    • How do I switch languages?
    • How do I save a known recipient?