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You can conduct all your normal banking business through personal online banking, quickly and securely. Online banking can save you considerable time, money and effort because it is always open, free of charge and users pay no transaction fees. Registering for access to personal online banking is also very simple.

What should online banking be like?

Banking should first and foremost serve the needs and requirements of customers. With this in mind, the design of Landsbankinn's online banking platform is based on user activity. The most commonly used features are given prominent status, information is prioritised and all layout is tailored to meet customer needs.

More accessible, simpler and convenient online banking

Key features prominent

The user interface of online banking has been simplified considerably. The most common and important features are now always accessible. This means that you do not have to navigate to a specific page to carry out transactions; they can be completed right away from your current location.

Upon logging in, you are immediately presented with a clear and concise overview of your finances. From there, it is easy to access more details about each item.

Q&A about online banking


Not everyone uses a mouse

Characters, tables, buttons and input fields are sized for easy use of online banking on tablets or other devices - not just desktop computers. remains the best choice for smartphones

The mobile website remains the best choice when tending to banking business through mobiles or other handhelds. allows you to carry out all main transactions quickly and easily as you hold the banking platform in your hand.


No authentication token

Landsbankinn's security system provides you with maximum safety and decreases the likelihood of fraud and other misuse. This security system makes the authentication token redundant. The new system learns to recognise your behaviour and asks for confirmation, for example, in the form of a phone call from the system in the case of unusual transactions. As a rule, you will be unaware of the system's workings.

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