What are Aukakrónur?

Aukakrónur are a Landsbankinn benefits system whereby Aukakrónur accrue to customers when they use their payment cards. One Aukakróna is equivalent to one Icelandic króna.

Aukakrónur are one of the most economical card-based benefits system available in Iceland. Aukakrónur accrue to the user each time the customer uses his or her A-card and useful amounts accumulate very quickly.

Many of our partners are the proprietors of establishments greatly appreciated by students, such as clothing, book and stationary stores, restaurants and cinemas.

Aukakrónur accrual

  • Aukakrónur accrue through the use of Náman A-cards
  • All domestic transactions with the credit card
  • Additional Aukakrónur when shopping with our partners
  • Special offers via text message
  • Debit and credit card transactions
  • Active transactions through Náman


  • No complications - one Aukakróna equals one regular króna
  • Easy to use
  • No fixed term. Aukakrónur are available for use when you need then.

Benefits to Náman members in the form of Aukakrónur
For domestic usage of a Náman A-card 4 Aukakrónur for every ISK 1,000
For each debit or credit card transaction 2 Aukakrónur for each transaction
For being a member of Náman's student loan service (LÍN) 1,000 Aukakrónur annually
Applying for Náman Duo 2,000 Aukakrónur
For receiving text messages from partners 5 Aukakrónur for each text message

Example of annual benefits to Náman members in the form of Aukakrónur
ISK 50,000 turnover per month 2,400 Aukakrónur
- 1/3 with our partners 6,000 Aukakrónur
3 text messages per month 180 Aukakrónur
Student loan services (LÍN) 1,000 Aukakrónur
Welcome gift from Náman 2,000 Aukakrónur
Debit and credit card transactions 480 Aukakrónur
Total amount of Aukakrónur 12,060