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Electronic signature of payment postponement - solution available as of 1 April

Customers of Landsbankinn, who have experienced unexpected income loss, can now sign an application to postpone payments on housing loans electronically on the Bank’s website. The solution can apply to due dates for payment as of and including 1 April.

Electronic application process and signature

Due to the economic ramifications of Covid-19, several customers have requested postponement of housing loan payments. Landsbankinn is focused on responding quickly to these requests and, in recent days, a great deal of work has gone into making the application process electronic. In order to postpone payments, an addendum to the loan agreement has to be created. This addendum can now be signed using electronic ID on the Bank’s website while signature previously required a visit to one of the Bank’s branches.

Public registration fee paid by borrower

Landsbankinn charges no fee for the amendment. District commissioners charge a fee of ISK 2500 for public registration, which is payable by the borrower.

About payment postponement

Housing loan payments can be postponed for up to six months. Postponement can apply to due dates as of and including 1 April, if payment has not already been made. Postponement of housing loan payments is primarily suited to individuals and families experiencing unexpected loss of income.

Further information and application to postpone payments