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Contactless payment with phone or watch

Landsbankinn’s customers can use their phones, smartwatches or payment cards to make contactless payment for goods or services.

Guidelines from the Icelandic Directorate of Health to retard the spread of the Covid-19 virus include cautious handling of surfaces, such as payment card readers, ATMs and touch screens. The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management encourages people to use contactless payment solutions as such solutions do not require the use of a PIN.

Customers are reminded that phones and smartwatches from Apple, Garmin and Fitbit can be used as means of contactless payment for goods and services. Payment cards also have a contactless function that is limited to ISK 5,000 per payment. There are no such maximum amount limits on contactless payment with mobiles and watches.

Information on how to pay with a phone or watch

Contactless payment cards