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Landsbankinn’s Annual Report and Risk Report for 2019 available online

Landsbankinn’s Annual Report for 2019 is now available on the Bank’s website. The Annual Report provides an accessible overview of highlights in the Bank's operation in 2019.

The report contains information about Landsbankinn’s services for individuals and companies, innovative digital services, social responsibility, human resources and gender equality. It also reviews strategy and governance and key points from the annual financial statement, about the Bank’s funding and risk management.

Landsbankinn's Annual Report has been published in electronic format only since 2015. The aim of electronic publication is to increase transparency and make it easier for the public as well as stakeholders to learn about the Bank's activities and operation. The cost of electronic publication is lower and more eco-friendly.

Landsbankinn’s Pillar III Risk Report for 2019 was also published today. The report discloses all aspects of risk governance within the Bank and is intended to provide analysts with information about the Bank's risk and capital management, as well as its equity and liquidity positions.

Landsbankinn’s Annual Report for 2019

Landsbankinn’s Pillar III Risk Report 2019