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Beware phishing scam

Valitor has warned against scam emails sent to members of the public, purportedly in Valitor’s name. People are strongly advised not to open these emails, not to click on the enclosed links and by no means to divulge their payment card information. Ideally, the email should be deleted unopened.

Valitor’s warning states that the company never asks customers for card details via email.

There have been recent attempts at scams using give-away games that appear to be run by Icelandic companies. Such scam attempts can be identified by the fact that they request credit card information as part of the game. Customers are advised not to participate in such games and not to divulge credit card information.

Do not divulge payment card information

Landsbankinn points out that banks, legitimate businesses, organisations and institutions never contact customers through email, telephone, Facebook Messenger or text messages to ask for payment card information.