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Inaugural subordinated bond issuance in ISK

Landsbankinn has concluded a subordinated bond auction for subordinated bonds for ISK 5.5bn under the ISK 50bn debt issuance programme. The bonds are inflation-linked and with a 10NC5 structure. The bond issuance was the Bank’s inaugural subordinated bond issuance in the domestic market.

In total, 26 bids were received in the auction for the total amount of ISK 8,560m. A total of 5 bids for ISK 900m were received in the non-indexed series LBANK T2 29 at 6.60%-6.90% yield. No bids were accepted in the series. A total of 21 bids for ISK 7,660m were received in the inflation-linked series LBANK T2I 29 at 3.69%-4.00% yield. Bids in the amount of ISK 5,520m were accepted in the series at 3.85% yield.