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Landsbankinn receives positive review in CSR from Sustainalytics

Landsbankinn has received an ESG risk rating from Sustainalytics, reflecting an in-depth assessment of company risk exposure to material ESG issues. Landsbankinn received an excellent score, ranking 6th out of 376 European banks assessed by Sustainalytics. Landsbankinn scored 17.5 points on a scale to 100 which means that exposure to financial risk from ESG issues is deemed low.

There is increasing demand for third-party verification of companies’ ESG issues and several investors require independent evaluation of the Bank’s social responsibility. ESG issues are benchmarks that measure a company’s management of the environmental impact of its operation, its treatment of human resources, suppliers, customers and society.

Sustainalytics is a leading independent ESG and corporate governance research provider, ratings and analytics firm that supports investors, issuers and corporates around the world through the implementation of responsible investment strategies and sustainable finance instruments.

Lilja Björk Einarsdóttir, CEO of Landsbankinn: “This result is positive for Landsbankinn as we have worked hard on social responsibility matters in recent years. Our customers are increasingly aware of the opportunities corporate social responsibility can bring and they are attracted to a Bank at the forefront in the field. Sustainalytics’ review confirms the Bank’s success and affords an improved view of its status against an international background.”

About the risk assessment of Sustainalytics

The ESG Risk Rating assesses a company’s exposure to and management of the ESG issues that are considered most material for that company based on its subindustry. The methodology evaluates the degree of a company’s unmanaged material ESG risk. The more of this risk that is unmanaged, the higher the ESG Risk Rating score.

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