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Landsbankinn Chosen Best Bank in Iceland


The international financial magazine Euromoney has selected Landsbankinn as the best bank in Iceland. Each year Euromoney designates the best banks around the world, granting them recognition with its Award for Excellence. In the selection, various factors are considered in banks' operations and policies, such as the results of their regular operations, cost optimisation and service offerings.

Euromoney's news release points out that Landsbankinn's financial performance during the period underlines its outstanding position among Icelandic banks, particularly in terms of efficiency and profitability. Furthermore, its loans and deposits have shown healthy growth. Landsbankinn also places emphasis on offering products and systems that place it at the forefront of Icelandic banks when it comes to digital solutions.

Lilja Björk Einarsdóttir, CEO of Landsbankinn: "We are proud of having been selected as the best bank in Iceland. The award is yet another confirmation of the success achieved by Landsbankinn, thanks not least to its dedicated and energetic employees. We set ourselves clear targets for implementing digital solutions that have resulted in more efficient operations and increased customer satisfaction. The Award for Excellence encourages us to continue to provide excellent service while ensuring the solid operation of the bank in the long term."