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Changes to Landsbankinn’s tariff as of 13 August

Changes will be made to Landsbankinn’s price tariff as of 13 August. The fee for withdrawals using debit cards in foreign ATMs or banks is decreased from 2.0% to 1.0%, with a minimum charge of ISK 800 applying to withdrawals. The fee for debit card transactions with foreign service or goods merchants was 1% and will now be abolished.

The minimum lending fee of vehicle and equipment financing increases from ISK 10,000 to ISK 15,000. An ISK 15,000 fee will be charged on documentation for applying for dispensation to temporarily transport off shore mortgaged vehicles or vehicles purchased under a vehicle contract.

The premium on redeemed non-fulfilled commitments towards third parties will be altered as follows:

  • The minimum fee on parking fines was ISK 2,800 and will be lowered to ISK 1,500.
  • The minimum fee on motor vehicle fees, weight tax, insurance premiums and nonfeasance fees is now ISK 2,800 and will be ISK 3,000.