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Pay with your phone in May and receive 1000 Aukakrónur reward

Now everyone can pay with their phone. Landsbankinn customers who pay with their phone or watch with Aukakrónur partners between 13-31 May 2019 will receive a 1000 Aukakrónur reward from Landsbankinn.*

Aukakrónur can be used to pay for goods and services with various partners numbering over 250 companies throughout Iceland, including Dominos, Krónan, 66° Norður, Olís, ÓB, the shops of and Bestseller.

One Aukakróna is equivalent to one Icelandic króna. Customers who already accrue Aukakrónur will receive the reward to their registered withdrawal card. Other customers will receive a new withdrawal card with a balance of 1000 Aukakrónur.

The reward of a 1000 Aukakrónur will be paid for each card used with a phone or other smart device with an Aukakrónur partner. The Aukakrónur will be paid out in June.

Paying with your phone is simple and secure. Both debit and credit cards can be registered with Apple Pay or the Android card app and used to pay with a phone or other smart device.

Further details about Aukakrónur and their functionality can be viewed on

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* Does not apply to company cards.