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Notification concerning WOW air

Payment card holders who booked flights with WOW air are entitled to recovery (reimbursement) for cancelled flights. The appropriate form is available on the Bank’s website (in Icelandic).

  • Reimbursement can be applied for if the ticket was purchased with a payment card (debit or credit).
  • Customers who paid for tickets using other payment methods can lodge a claim against the bankruptcy estate.
  • The deadline for submitting recovery claims is 120 days after the date of the cancelled flight.
  • We advise customers to submit recovery claims as promptly as possible, as processing of such claims may take up to three or four months. The process will begin as soon as the executor of the estate authorises it.
  • Please note that payment card and travel insurance does not cover airline bankruptcy. Recovery is via card issuers rather than insurance companies.
  • Card holders who booked their flight through a travel agent are advised to contact the travel agency.

Form: Form to file for recovery
Email the signed form along with required documentation to

If customer are unable to scan the form and required documentation that is not in electronic form, photos of the documents, e.g. photos taken and emailed through mobile phones, will suffice.

The above information applies to holders of VISA payment cards and MasterCard procurement cards issued by Landsbankinn. Other card holders should apply to their bank or card issuer for information.

Further information about passenger rights and airline bankruptcy is available on the website of the Icelandic Transport Authority