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Beware fraudulent offers to recover stolen funds

Landsbankinn sees occasion to reiterate that the Bank does not partner with foreign companies or security consultants to recover fraudulently acquired funds. New cases have emerged where cyber criminals offer the victims of their fraudulent activity assistance under false pretences, claiming to work with Landsbankinn. In actual fact, the Bank assists its customers in recovering stolen funds free of charge. This service is provided by the Bank alone and not in collaboration with any other companies.

Attempt to doubly defraud victims

Recently, several Icelanders have fallen victim to fraud perpetrated online. In late 2018, we became aware that fraudsters were contacting their victims to offer assistance in recovering the stolen funds. The fraud was perpetrated by emails to the victims, in which the fraudsters professed to having received information about the fraud through their collaboration with foreign law enforcement authorities. The fraudsters referred their victims to a website that appears convincing at first glance and which provides further information about the so-called “assistance”, another attempt at fraud. The fraudsters described quality consultancy service, a wide-spread network of connections and years of experience of successful recovery of stolen property and/or data. Said consultancy and services was of course only to be had for a handsome fee.

The purpose of this elaborate set-up is to defraud the victims of even more funds, leaving them doubly bereft. Victims of fraud are advised to be on high alert if contacted by unknown parties, such as foreign companies or consultants, offering assistance in recovering stolen funds.