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Renewal of certificate under on 8 October

At 9:00 (GMT+0) on 8 October, a new SSL certificate will be installed in the Landsbankinn Schema on the website Landsbankinn will continue to use the SHA-2 certificate, and this update is merely occasioned by a renewal of the validity period.

Customers using B2B are asked to contact their accounting system administrator, regardless of whether this party is in-house or an external software company, and consult with the responsible party. The same applies to other information systems that communicate electronically with the Bank via B2B.

This recommendation applies especially to customers who manually installed the earlier certificate; in that case, it is very likely that a software service provider needs to take action the week leading up to renewal of the certificate. In order to access the certificate as of early on 8 October, please open the URL in a Chrome browser. A normal error about unauthorized access will be displayed (403 – Forbidden: Access is denied). Click the lock to the left of the URL and select the certificate. In the window that opens, click on the details tab and confirm that the validity date is correct and that the subject line for the certificate is, select "Copy to file" and download the certificate.

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