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Landsbankinn becomes a member of Capacent’s Equality Indicator

Baldur G. Jónsson, Director of Human Resources at Landsbankinn, Lilja. B. Einarsdóttir, CEO of Landsbankinn, Þórey Vilhjálmsdóttir, advisor with Capacent, Steingrímur Sigurgeirsson, advisor with Capacent.


Lilja Björk Einarsdóttir, CEO of Landsbankinn, receives recognition of the Bank’s participation in Capacent’s Equality Indicator (Jafnréttisvísir).

JThe Equality Indicator is a strategy and promotes awareness about equality through in-depth analysis of the state of equality at companies or institutions. This analysis is used to plan remedial action and set goals to improve equality. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive overview of equality matters with key factors being corporate culture, communication and work environment, strategy and organisation, wages and role models. Special emphasis is placed on revealing gendered prejudices that often lay hidden in the corporate culture, environment and organisation.

An agreement for Landsbankinn's participation in the project was signed in February and work has since been in progress, with participation from all employees, on analysing the current status and shaping projects for the coming years.

Lilja Björk Einarsdóttir, CEO of Landsbankinn:

“Landsbankinn and indeed, society at large, has recently experienced a great awakening in equality issues. Our collaboration with Capacent and use of the Equality Indicator allow us to analyse the position, shape clear goals and in general foster awareness in all communication to build a good work environment and positive and constructive corporate culture. Key emphasis in gender equality at Landsbankinn in recent years has been on ensuring equal job opportunities for both men and women, as well as equal wages for equally valuable work. We have achieved quite good success and the Equality Indicator will help us to do even better.”

Þórey Vilhjálmsdóttir, advisor with Capacent:

“Working with Landsbankinn on this project has been amazing, to witness the energy and willingness both managers and employees exhibit to push Landsbankinn to a leading position in all matters pertaining to equality. Almost all of the Bank’s employees have been actively involved in the work at some stage and have participated in shaping the projects that will now be initiated.”