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Landsbankinn’s new Data Protection Policy and Customer Data Rights Portal

Landsbankinn has adopted a new Data Protection Policy and updated its General Terms and Conditions. Landsbankinn's Personal Data Protection Policy contains detailed information on when, how and for what purpose the Bank processes personal data, and in addition how the Bank ensures the security of the data.

Individuals are also accorded certain rights, including rights to information and to access to their own personal data. To simplify this and assist customers in exercising their rights, Landsbankinn has also opened a Customer Data Rights Portal (in Icelandic) on its website where customers can, for example, request access to their own personal data which the Bank processes.

The protection of personal data and confidentiality of customers’ information have always been key aspects of the Bank's operations. Landsbankinn has already adapted its activities to comply with the requirements of the new Personal Data Protection Act that entered into effect on 15 July 2018 and will continue to ensure the secure and responsible handling of personal data which it uses to provide personalised services and advice to customers.

The amendment to legislation on personal data protection is in response to the European Union’s new regulation on data protection and the processing of personal data. An in-depth review of the new legislation and its effects on the general public and businesses has been posted on Umræðan (in Icelandic).