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Special offers and discounts to celebrate 10th anniversary of Aukakrónur

Ten years have passed since the creation of Landsbankinn's benefit system Aukakrónur. To mark the anniversary, card holders will receive numerous special offers and discounts with Aukakrónur partners during the week 4-10 September.

The Aukakrónur system has grown and expanded over these 10 years to become the country's second largest benefit system. A recent survey by Gallup showed that Icelanders are more pleased with Aukakrónur than any other benefit system offered in Iceland.

Landsbankinn's customers accrue Aukakrónur by using credit cards linked to the benefit system. One Aukakróna equals one Icelandic króna. Over the past 10 years, customers have collected 1.3 billion Aukakrónur which can be used to purchase various goods and services with system partners. Currently 53,000 customers collect Aukakrónur every time they use a credit card and the number of Aukakrónur card holders keeps growing.

Further information about Aukakrónur and anniversary offers