Monday, 12 February 2018, 5:24 PM

Marel hf.

Marel hf. Annual General Meeting 2018

The Annual General Meeting of Marel hf. will be held at the Company`s
headquarters at Austurhraun 9, Gardabaer, Iceland, on Tuesday, 6 March 2018 at


  -- Annual General Meeting matters as provided for in Article 4.13 of the
     Company`s Articles of Association.
  -- Report on the execution of remuneration policy
  -- Proposal on a renewed authorization for the Company to buy own shares.
  -- Any other business, lawfully presented.

The meeting will be conducted in English.

In particular, it should be noted that candidatures for the Board of Directors
shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors at least five full days
prior to the meeting, i.e. before Thursday 1 March at 16:00 pm (GMT). 

In order for shareholders to have proposals or matters considered by the
meeting, they must have been submitted to the Board of Directors at least ten
days prior to the meeting, i.e. by the latest on 24 February at 16:00 pm (GMT). 

On the Company¿s AGM website,, further information in
relation to the Annual General Meeting can be found, including the right of
shareholders to submit items and proposals to the meeting¿s agenda, a draft
agenda for the meeting, proposals of the Board of Directors, Company's annual
statements for the year 2017, information on the total number of shares and
voting rights as of 7 February 2018, proxy template, as well as information on
documents to be submitted in relation to the meeting. 

The meeting¿s agenda and final proposals will be available to shareholders
seven days prior to the meeting, both on the aforementioned AGM webpage of the
Company as well as at the Company`s offices at Austurhraun 9, Gardabaer,

Agents of shareholders shall submit written proxies at the entrance of the
meeting. Ballots and other applicable documents will be available at the venue
of the meeting as of 15:30 on the day of the meeting. 

The Board of Directors of Marel hf.


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