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Transactions with financial instruments by their very nature involve high risk. Historical price changes are not necessarily an indication of future price trends. Users of Landsbankinn's website are encouraged to acquire general information from Landsbankinn's advisors on the nature of securities trading, investment issues, taxation, etc. in connection with securities transactions.

The market value of financial instruments listed on customers' statements does not take into account fees or other costs which may be incurred when selling. On statements, the "market price" is the latest trading price and the "market value" of financial instruments is based on this price. On the statement of transactions, the "rate" is the trading price of the transactions and "price" is the value of the transaction based on it. The market price of financial instruments listed on the Iceland Stock Exchange Ltd. (ICEX) is generally their last trading price on the Exchange. If considerable time has passed since the last transaction, consideration is also had for the most favourable bid in assessing market value. Landsbankinn reserves the right to correct statements.

Landsbankinn is incorporated and regulated in Iceland and its business language is Icelandic. Any and all English language text provided on its website is based on or directly translated from the Icelandic unless otherwise noted. In the event of any discrepancies between the translation and the text in Icelandic, the original text shall take precedence.


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