Corporate Social Responisbility

Landsbankinn is a financial undertaking and as such wishes to lead the development of a sustainable society in Iceland by integrating economic, social and environmental concerns in its operations. 

Landsbankinn aims to ensure that both its owners and society at large benefit from its activities. It intends to achieve this aim by building solid infrastructure and a strong team of employees, by listening to its customers and by respecting and encouraging its employees to actively participate in society. Landsbankinn will be a solid financial partner and an attractive investment option that returns a healthy profit to shareholders and benefits society.

Landsbankinn has charted a course to integrate CSR in five key categories. The categories are:

  • Customers
  • Human resources
  • Relations with suppliers and sale of assets
  • Support for the community
  • Environmental issues

Integration of the policy based on the above categories shall have regard for the International Organization for Standardization's guidelines for social responsibility (ISO 26000) and the principles of the UN's Global Compact.

Participation in national and international organisations