Todos authentication tokens and SMS login no longer function

Todos authentication tokens and SMS login no longer give access to Corporate Online Banking. Now it is only possible to use an app or a plastic RSA token to sign in. If you have not already downloaded and activated the app or obtained and activated your RSA authentication token we urge you to do so as soon as possible. It's quick and simple to do.

Get the RSA app or plastic token

Landsbankinn has introduced a new security system from RSA in Corporate Online Banking. The system combines risk analysis and use of authentication tokens with the aim of maximising security and preventing fraud.

Users generate an authentication code from the token for login and carry out certain actions. The risk analysis aspect of the system learns to recognise the customer's behaviour and requests confirmation of the authentication by phone if there are deviations from the usual practice. In most cases, however, the customer will not even notice the system in operation.

Two ways to ensure secure login

Landsbankinn offers two ways to generate an authentication code to sign in to Corporate Online Banking: by using a mobile app or a plastic authentication token. The app and the authentication token can be used alternately, depending on which suits the occasion better.

1. Sign in using the app

Start using the RSA security system

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The RSA mobile app can be used to generate an authentication code to sign in to Corporate Online Banking. Using the app is a convenient way to sign in, since your mobile is usually closer at hand than your authentication token. The actual sign-in process is similar to using a traditional authentication token.

The links alongside lead to the app (RSA SecurID Software Token) in the respective app stores, and to directions on set-up.

The app is activated the next time you sign in to Corporate Online Banking following the directions on the RSA tokens page under Settings.

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Q&A about the app

Secure treatment of information

When you login to online banking on Landsbankinn's website your browser sends your user name and password via the Internet to the Bank's server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL encrypts the information before it is transferred from your computer, ensuring that only Landsbankinn's server can
read it.

2. Login using the authentication token

The plastic RSA authentication token is used to generate an authentication code. Customers receive authentication tokens which they must activate through Online Banking. The link alongside leads to instructions on the activation and use of RSA authentication tokens.

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Risk analysis

The security system learns to recognise the behaviour and situation of each individual customer and monitors deviations from usual practice. In most cases customers will not even notice the system in operation, but it responds if actions deviate from normal practice.

This risk assessment is comprised of pattern and environment analysis. Pattern analysis compares the customer's behaviour in this instance with his/her previous actions, while environment analysis examines a variety of aspects of the customer's situation.

Q&A about risk analysis