Personal Data Protection Policy

Landsbankinn's Personal Data Protection Policy

Landsbankinn places strong emphasis on protecting individuals’ personal data and respecting their rights. This policy provides information on how the Bank processes personal data, for what purpose, how long data is retained, its dissemination and how its security is ensured in the Bank's activities. All processing of personal information complies with the provisions of the current Personal Data Protection Act.

This Policy applies only to individuals and not to legal entities. The concept of “personal data” includes all data which can be possibly linked directly or indirectly to a specific individual, e.g. through a reference to a personal identifier such as a name, an Id. No., username, loan number, fingerprint etc. This Policy applies to former, current and future customers of the Bank, persons connected to customers (e.g. family members), guarantors and other relevant parties, such as the beneficial owner of assets, a customer’s agent, person with authority to sign and the customer's related parties in the case of a legal entity. The Policy also applies to persons other than customers, e.g. employees of the Bank's contractors and persons visiting the Bank’s establishments or website,, as described in detail in the Policy.

Further instruction on processing of personal data is laid down in Landsbankinn's General Terms and Conditions, in the terms and conditions which apply to individual products or services and on the Bank's website.

  • I. What personal data does the Bank process?
  • II. For what purposes is personal data processed and by what authority?
  • III. Recording of telephone conversations and electronic surveillance
  • IV. Delivery of personal data to third parties
  • V. Retention time of personal data
  • VI. Rights of individuals
  • VII. Security and supervision
  • VIII. Communications with the Bank and the Data Protection Authority
  • IX. Changes to Landsbankinn’s Personal Data Protection Policy

Approved initially on 15 June 2018

Landsbankinn's Personal Data Protection Policy (PDF)

Landsbankinn's Personal Data Protection Policy

Customer data rights portal

Data Protection Laws grant individuals certain rights, including right to access, rectification and erasure of personal data concerning them that are being processed by the Bank.

Customer data rights portal (Icelandic)

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Should you have any questions, suggestions or complaints concerning personal data, please send them to the Bank‘s Data Protection Officer, e-mail or phone 410 4000.