Hömlur ehf. is a subsidiary of Landsbankinn. The company is wholly owned by Eignarhaldsfélag NBI hf., a company that manages the subsidiaries of Landsbankinn. Hömlur ehf. was established in 2009.


Hömlur ehf. handles management and divestment of appropriated assets which the Bank comes to possess through foreclosure or other debt settlement and intends to sell within 12-18 months.

Real estate is listed for sale with real estate agencies upon their transfer to the company or readiness for sale. Every attempt is made to sell other assets managed by the company as promptly as possible while achieving the most favourable results for the Bank.

Board of Directors

  • Steinthór Pálsson, Chairman 
  • Árni Thór Thorbjörnsson 
  • Ragnhildur Geirsdóttir

Hömlur ehf.

  • Reg. No. 630109-0940 
  • Austurstræti 11 
  • 101 Reykjavík

Managing Director

Friðrik S. Halldórsson

Friðrik holds a degree in business administration from the University of Iceland. He has worked for Landsbankinn since 2001, first in Retail Banking and later in Legal on projects connected to the restructuring of lending and appropriated assets. Friðrik has worked in banking and finance since 1988 and has extensive experience of the banking sector.

List of commercial property for sale owned by Landsbankinn